Perfect fit These pants are a perfect fit for my husband. He has a narrow waist, and these pants fit him like a glove. March 1, 2013
Great, better than cotton Pricier than the cotton suit pants, but worth it in my opinion. For starters, it feels much nicer - softer, more comfortable, and stretchier as it is made of wool instead of cotton. The fit is much better too. I have a pretty skinny waist line and short legs so it's hard to find pants that fit well and that don't hit the floor. These pants fit me well so they may run a little tight for other people. February 26, 2013
Best Purchase Ever The best dress pants I have ever bought. The Pants look stunning. February 12, 2013
Great Modern Fit Love these pants. Perfect with the 1MX dress shirt. February 6, 2013
Very good Not quite as perfect as the stretch wool producer pants, but none will be like that. That one is a ten out of ten, and this one is a nine. Not bad huh. February 1, 2013