Sexies Jeans Ever! I didn't think much of these jeans when I saw them on-line and even when I got to the store I wasn't expecting much. I went ahead and tried them on anyway just for kicks and I was surprised that they looked so good and fit my body like a glove. My husband happened to be at the store with me and he loved them too so they just had to come home with me. For sizing reference I'm 5'4"/128 so I tried on sizes 4 and 6 and ended up with the 4 so it runs just a tad big. Just be aware that the sizing is inconsistent in these, some of the size 4s I tried on were so tight I couldn't even zip them up so I would suggest trying these on in the store and try on every pair in your size(s) to find the one that fits your body the best. If ordering on-line you might want to order two pairs especially if you are in-between sizes like me. After a few wears I realized they were the jeans I was always reaching for - they are by far my favorite jeans ever so...I actually waited to write my review until I bought a second pair as a back up. I have worn and washed (in cold water) my first pair a few times with no issues with the seams so far. I like that these jeans are fashionable without looking like I'm trying too hard. I love the quilting detail and the pieced construction. I didn't care for the other similar styles, would love to see this replicated in a darker wash as well. I highly recommend you at least try these on - you will be pleasantly surprised I promise! December 21, 2013
Sexies Jeans Ever! When I saw these jeans online I assumed they would look ridiculous on me at 32. I tried them on when I was in the store anyway and to my surprise they looked amazing and super sexy. I love them so much and received so many compliments from my husband that I actually waited to write my review until I bought myself a second pair as a back-up. They fit like a glove and look fabulous dressed up with heels and just about any top. These are by far my favorite pair of jeans ever and I have a LOT of jeans. I love the pieced construction, quilting details and wash - its perfection. I can't recommend these highly enough. Sizing is a little tricky, I'm 5'4"/128 typically a 4 or a 6 in Express jeans depending on stretch. I tried on every size 4 and 6 in the store and they all fit a little different. I ended up buying both pairs in a size 4 but some of the size 4 jeans were so tight I couldn't even zip them up so sizing is very inconsistent. I would suggest trying every pair they have in your size(s) at the store and get the one that fits the best. If ordering on-line or you are in-between sizes, order two pairs and keep the one that fits best. They are worth every penny but of course I got them on sale plus I used a coupon so they were a steal. If you've been on the fence get them before they are gone! I noticed another reviewer mentioned issues with the seams but I've washed my first pair several times (inside out on cold) and have had no issues with seams so far. I would love to see the same pair offered in a slightly darker wash and black pretty please! December 19, 2013
LOVE!!! Love these jeans!!! They have that motto look. With a leather jacket and pumps or motto boots they look killer!!! December 9, 2013
Great Jeans Very stretchy material, perfect fit. Comfortable and cute!! December 6, 2013
Great leggings! Love these jean leggings. Perfect fit, cute on the butt, and I love the stitch detail on the front. I read reviews here that the stitching has come undone. I wondered about that when I purchased these, but bought them anyway. I figured if the stitch starts to come out, I could always redo it with my sewing machine. I have worn them twice with no issues. December 4, 2013