Perfect on date night When I took this on a date night my girl friend loved it and with the express honor. March 25, 2013
These are my work shirts Can be worn in any way fit. There is no wrong way to wear them. Perfect complimentary ties can be found right here at Express. March 16, 2013
Absolutely Modern Absolutely Modern I must say. Great range of beautiful colors - right from the palette. Good fit - just as the name suggests. Great for work, evening wear and parties too. LOVE IT. March 13, 2013
Perfect wardrobe These shirts a great. Can be worn at work and parties all time together. I always buy shirts from Express for my hubby. He love them so much and get so many complements. March 12, 2013
Favorite Dress Shirts These dress shirts are great. You can wear them to work, but also take off your tie and jacket and be ready to go out with friends. They have ties, socks, and undershirts to match all styles and colors. The only thing I wish is that the modern fit shirts came in the same colors as the fitted shirts, of which there are more to choose from. February 26, 2013
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