One of my favorites! I saw this necklace on a display and had to have it! Looks great with just about any top and can be used for layering pieces. I get complimented every time I wear this out! Looks great with a maxi dress or go a little more casual with a chambray shirt. Simple & cute! August 16, 2013
ADDICTIVE Accessory Essential Since buying this, it's been hard not to neglect the rest of my collection. i've been wearing it with the starfish ring on my left pointer finger and compliments are incessant. it hangs, and flounces, perfectly. i've seen a couple women stare daggers at me because the gold hues, i guess, look real?! it is so much more stunning in person, and so perfect for jewelry layering addicts like myself - though i haven't layered with it yet, because it makes such a statement on it's own. it's so underrated just hanging with the rest of the jewelry, but it truly stands apart from the collection and i have a massive EXP collection that includes a lot of... a LOT of seasons pieces!! I was honestly surprised the first time I wore it, exactly how stunning it is! May 1, 2013