Two words--Sweater Balls! I washed this sweater before wearing and only wore it once and as the day went on it developed more and more sweater balls! It is soft and cuddly but it looks like I've had it for 10 years and wore it out with only one wearing so I am disappointed. Not to mention the sweater balls were getting on my top and pants. Plus I didn't prefer the way the belt was only attached in the back so if you don't have it tied in front, it will hang way long on the sides. An option is to tie it in the back but if you sit in your chair at work you're sitting on a bump. This is unusual for me to say as I usually LOVE most everything I buy from Express! March 30, 2014
Disappointing... I was really excited upon ordering this top, but when I got it I was really disappointed! It is very long & the only thing you can wear it over is a sleeveless top because it fits so snugly you can't get any other sleeves into the sleeves of this. It only looked halfway decent when I left the front open & tied the back. When you tie the front closed it dwarfs you & looks over sized. Would not recommend unless you paid like ten bucks for it. March 21, 2014
Perfect purchase Bought this sweater yesterday at a great price and it's very soft. Perfect to wear to work or with skirt. February 22, 2014
Great sweater (no ivory) This is very comfy. You can wear it untied , I put it in a bow in the back. Or tie the front and dress it up . It is very white and fresh looking and no ivory maybe it's a little sheer to make it look that color. But the sleeves are definitely white February 6, 2014
IVORY NOT WHITE! Looks can be deceiving:/ I wanted an all white cover up sweater so I ordered this one and it says true white and even in the picture it looks white, but it's definitely off white like an ivory color. A little disappointed since it wasn't the color I was looking for:( It's a cute sweater, but I'm not sure yet if I want to keep it. February 4, 2014