All New. All About You. Whether a tailored tux or suit is your day to day or just for extra special occasions, our men's suiting and blazers will have you looking anything but ordinary. Dressing business professional doesn't need to be boring any longer. Our new extra slim, slim and classic fit men's suits are here for you to impress.

How should suits fit?
Here at Express we know everyone likes their suit to fit a bit differently. With our selection of fits for jackets, shirts and dress pants, you can find a custom fit for a great price. Check out our classic, slim and extra slim styles to find out what works for you. Make sure your shoulder pads end with your shoulders and the jacket sleeves hit above the base of your thumb. Quick tip, don't button the bottom button of your suit and completely unbutton it when you are sitting down. Still in doubt? Come into our stores and try a few on!

Can you make a suit casual?
Yes! You don't have to be going to a wedding or an interview to wear a suit. Suits with sneakers, boots or without a tie instantly make it more casual. Even try to mix and match separates to keep the look fresh and cool.