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READ: The Tee & Henley

The Tee & HenleySTYLE

The basic tee and classic henley. Both are an unstoppable force for any man, mixing old-school vibes with just the right amount of sex appeal. And, if that benefit isn’t enough, they are nearly perfect with just about anything you throw at them. Your favorite pair of denim? No problem. Shorts? Easy. Under a blazer? You better believe it. As a matter of fact, the only way to not wear either of these two shirts is with each other – though some might make a case for trying.

For those who are up for trying the newest trends, consider tucking these styles before heading out. It’s a look that’s quickly gaining steam and well worth the effort, especially under blazers or with a belted slim trouser.

This spring, add to your wardrobe’s bench strength and turn to these heavy hitters. Tucked or not, they are bound to be quick go-tos this season.