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4 Reasons Why Girl’s Night Out is Better in the Summer

4 Reasons Why Girl’s Night Out is Better in the Summer

By Megan Gustashaw

With Independence Day behind us and Labor Day weekend off on the horizon, it’s crunch time for making Summer 2018 the best and most memorable one yet. But that shouldn’t be hard. What with night-out style being easy knock out of the park, and al fresco-everything making it possible roll out with your whole crew. Put on an outfit that makes you feel like an 11, get your best girls together for a night on the town and good things (and photos) will happen. That’s just science.

Here, because we think it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops, four reasons why getting dressed for girl’s night out is better in the summer—each one complete with outfit inspiration for your next wild night on the town. (Be sure to tag us along with your girls the next day.)  

1. Dress Codes Become Way More Fun

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The holidays are a fun time to get dressed up but think about it: summer is like those three weeks, stretched out over three months. During this sultry, anything-goes time of year, you can walk out the door to meet your squad in your wildest, most OTT pieces and let the night take you wherever—and you don’t even need a jacket! Which brings us to our next point…

2. Your Jacket Adds Style, Not Just Warmth

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Nothing completes an outfit like a great jacket, and the beautiful thing about summer is that it’s almost purely for decoration. Whether you want to add some class with a white blazer or edge things up with a black moto jacket, all options are open to you. If that’s not a recipe for a fun Friday night, we don’t know what is.


3. You’re Only Three Items Away from a Banging Outfit

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When in doubt for a girl’s night out, it’s tight jeans, skinny heels, and a sexy top FTW. Whether you’re going out dancing, gallery hopping, or rooftop drinking, this combo is always the right move. We especially love a sparkly, ‘90s-inspired tank for a supermodel-worthy look. Oil up those shoulders and you’re GTG.

 4. Sparkly Fabrics + Summer Skin. Need We Say More?

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Speaking of summer skin, that’s the best accessory you own—and it’s free! Moisturize from head-to-toe, then throw on a dress that catches the fading light just so and you’ve got a recipe for some truly epic group photos with your girls. Just make sure you snag that end spot so you can give your followers a proper view.