How Work Is Changing in 2018

It’s 2018, and we are officially ready to move on from a particularly onerous hot take that’s been lingering forever: millennials are the worst. We think the world is ready to move on as well, and it’s not a moment too soon. Turns out Millennials (and Gen-X and Gen-Z-ers for that matter) are not only not the worst, we might just be poised to change the professional world as we know it—all for the better.

That’s why we here at Express HQ partnered with the Levo Institute, the largest and fastest growing network for young professionals, to conduct a survey designed to help us better understand, and just as importantly better dress, real, young professionals. After all, comfort and style are paramount whether you’re leading team meetings, braving hectic commutes, travelling thousands of miles a week, or secretly pursuing that inspiring project you hope to turn into your main gig (the side hustle isn’t just a myth; nearly half of all women and 38% of men have one). We’re turning every single one of our findings and reinterpreting them into closet staples for every work day you have ahead.



This Saturday at SXSW, we’ll unveil our entire survey results (on everything from the aforementioned hustles, and balancing work and play, to just how important our salaries are to us) during a live panel, The New Definition of Work. We’ve invited Lizzie Widhelm, Senior Vice President of Ad Innovation & Enablement at Pandora, and Tejal Parekh, Head of North America Marketing, for Facebook Workplace to join Express’s own CMO Jim Hilt, Levo President Alissa Leonard, and moderator Maxie McCoy for a discussion on how much work is changing and why it’s so important that all of us—from top executives calling the shots to entry-level interns shaping the future—take steps to evolve with it.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear more about our findings, and check back on The Edit next week for highlights from the panel. Maybe you’ll be surprised by the findings (there are some doozies in there) but more likely, you’ll see yourself in some of the thoughtful, and thought-provoking, responses.