5 Valentine’s Day Outfits We’re Crushing On

Call us romantics, but we are here for wearing pink and red on Valentine’s Day. Not only is the tradition a fun fashion challenge, it’s also a good opportunity to give your winter uniform a break. Black and gray will get you from week to week, sure, but a fiery red look will be the highlight of your month.

The trick to being on-theme without veering into cheese is knowing your audience. A red teddy at the office? Not the best move. A foxy red cocktail dress at a dimly lit restaurant? Yes, girl. To help you figure out what to wear on February 14th,  we’ve put together a few plan-specific outfits will get your heart racing. If you’re feeling fabulously extra, use this guide to line up a whole week’s worth of Valentine’s Day outfits.



Romantic Dinner

When the stars—and dinner reservations—align, go for it with a flirty red dress, strappy heels, and sparkly stud earrings. As we pointed out in our holiday post, there’s no such thing as one perfect crimson frock. But Valentine’s Day is a time to play favorites, and we think this curve-hugging ruffle number will have your date’s jaw on the floor. And those adjustable spaghetti straps? They practically do the flirting for you.



Flirty First Date

Keeping it chill with your wardrobe on a first date is just common sense, but this is Valentine’s Day we’re talking about here. If you and your potential new person actually set a rendezvous for the most romantic night of the year, you owe it to the gods of romance to dress for a fairytale ending. The most fashionable way to do that right now? ‘90s structured minimalism. A red-hot dress with a sweetheart neckline and your most strappy stiletto heels channels Cher’s best “as if.” A bag here or an earring there won’t hurt, but resist the urge to over-accessorize. This look is all about the dress (and you, of course), not the extras.



Galentine’s Day

The beautiful thing about over-the-knee boots is that they are incredibly sexy and incredibly warm at the same time. For a night out with your girls—which could take you in any number of directions—they really cover all the bases. Throw an easy dress on top, like our flowy flap-pocket shirt dress, and you’re out the door. The red polka dot pattern is appropriately festive but the structured cut keeps it sophisticated. Bonus points: Repurpose it for work with a slightly less scandalous shoe.



Staying-In (with a Date)

We all know there are two types of loungewear: at home facemask, bookworm grunge and cute-for-company cozy. Our plush sweater dress was made for these latter moments, when comfort and “come hither” intersect. A leather jacket adds some edge and simple sneakers connote the perfect amount of effortlessness. Couch-bound movie night has never been so chic.  



Hostess with the Mostess

If your Valentine’s Day plans involve hosting a dinner party for friends, family, or coworkers,  something slightly more conservative might be in order. After all, when you’re impressing guests, nothing detracts from impeccable culinary skills like pulling down a mini or hiking up your tights. All black is always both practical and darkly romantic in this scenario. Try slim black pants and a top with lace details or voluminous sleeves for drama. Add a bold red earring for a dinner table-friendly style statement and then treat yourself to flats—you’ve earned ‘em.