Every Single Denim Shape You Need in Your Wardrobe

By Megan Gustashaw

We know, we know: There’s literally nothing easier in the morning than turning, bleary-eyed, to your closet and pulling out your trusty skinny jeans. They’re so foolproof! They go with everything! Far be it from us to try to pry them out of your hands, but we would be bad friends if we didn’t at least give you a few suggestions to break you from your jeans rut. While these styles aren’t quite as easy as skinnies to just pull on and go, what they lack in simplicity they make up for in “um, who is that” factor. Trust, when you walk into a room in these babies, you’re going to turn a few heads.trend-wide-legThere is no denim decade more frequently resurrected than the ‘70s. Why? Because the era’s high-rise, wide-leg, true-blue denim is incredibly flattering and just darn cool. These jeans take confidence to rock, and that’s a good thing. When you’re wearing a pair of wide-legs, you’re not going to blend in with the crowd.

Pro Tip:

Platform heels always look good under a pair of wide-leg jeans, but don’t stress your shoes too much. These days we’re digging the icon with just about any style, from sneakers to stilettos.

SHOP: High Waisted Contrast Stitch Wide Leg Jeans, Mid Rise Ripped Bell Flare Jeanstrend-girlfriend-jeansBig and baggy boyfriend jeans have their place in your closet but sometimes you just want a splash of slouch, not the full nine yards. Enter: girlfriend jeans. They’ve got just enough room in the hips to keep you comfortable but feature a more slim-cut seat and legs so you can still show off your natural shape.

Pro Tip:

Girlfriend jeans should be like your actual girlfriends: extremely fun. Think: vintage washes, bold embellishments, and devil-may-care hems. They bring out the best in you, just like your crew.

SHOP: Low Rise Original Girlfriend Jeanstrend-hem-interestWhen we look back at the denim of the 2010s, what will we see? A whole bunch of incredibly cool hems, that’s what. From lace-up ankles and fringe to mismatched panels, this decade has been rich with fun and flirty options. Viva la hem!

Pro Tip:

The bohemian look of a raw, roughed up hem lends itself well to double denim. Whether you throw on a cowboy shirt, a denim trucker, or a chambray cami, more (denim) is more when completing this look.

SHOP: Hem interesttrend-vintage-inspiredThe denim of yesteryear was known for having lots of rise and very little stretch. Not exactly comfortable, but sexy for sure. The good news? Today you can get that leg-lengthening, tummy-smoothing cut without, well, cutting off your own circulation thanks to styles that have just a hint of stretch.

Pro Tip:

Vintage-inspired jeans are all about showing off your bum and hips, so don’t cover them up with a long T-shirt or boyfriend blazer. A tucked-in or slightly cropped top is the perfect finishing touch.

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