Great Attention Getter I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt. I purchased it in July and decided to wear it for my graduation in October. I had gotten soooo many compliments. Very CHIC October 7, 2014
gorgeous, but not for me I really loved this skirt in terms of the quality and fit - it does flare out a LOT though, very full. The material is good quality and the colors are vibrant. My concern was that I felt like a 5 year old going to a birthday party. I'm also very petite, so I'm conscious of trying not to look too much like a little girl. I think if it was styled properly it could look great for the right occasion. I would definitely save this for a pretty fancy party, though, not everyday life. October 7, 2014
Love it! Very cute but runs small. I had to buy it a size bigger then my jean size from here October 6, 2014
This skirt is so different. I went to Express to find an outfit for my 33rd birthday. I came across this skirt and I thought it was perfect. The fit around my waist and the way it flairs out else where looks flawless. Not to mention the pattern contrast, and the colors are unexpected. cant wait to wear it and show it off on my special day. October 4, 2014
Love Everyone always compliments me when I wear this skirt. I will say though it flares out more than you would expect it to, so it can make you appear wide if you are not careful. October 4, 2014