Speaks to me This is my type of style i love to wear my jeans like this. August 1, 2013
Skinny Jean These look very similar to the picture as far as jean material and style. However, these are not crops. They need to make these in varying lengths. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that the same pair of crops will fit 5 foot 10 girl much differently than a 5 foot 2 girl, like myself. I like these a lot, but I'm disappointed in lack of varying lengths. It looks like their target audience is 5 foot 10 size zero models. I'm a size 4 and athletically built, so rolling these higher than my ankles isn't really an option. Pretty average if you ask me. I own two pairs of rerock jeans and another pair of crops. May 26, 2013
Great jeans! These jeans are super flattering and comfortable. I would say that they are a bit long. I am 5'8" and they almost reach past my ankle while rolled. Mine came with a full hole in the knee rather than just distressing like the picture. May 23, 2013