Wearing It Right Now I won't give this five stars because I don't think the foil lettering is going to last as long as the sweatshirt will. And the sleeves are a little baggy at the cuffs for my taste, but I think that's to allow you room to scrunch your sleeves if you so choose. It definitely deserves 4 stars (maybe even 4.5). Yes, there is an Express lion logo on the bottom near the side seam. It's MAYBE an inch square. I didn't even notice it the first time I wore it because it's embroidered in dark gray thread to match the shirt. No one will notice it if you don't point it out. The fleece on the inside is still smooth and soft after a few washes. I'm glad I bought it. February 28, 2014
so disappointed i was so excited to receive this sweatshirt in the mail, i had wanted the black one last fall and it sold out too quickly. not only did it take longer to get to me than the shipping window stated, but it is awful. it has a decently sized lion logo on the side...ew. definitely returning and what is even worse is that i wasted one of my rewards on it. such a shame! February 1, 2014