LACE LEGGING 4.8 5 4 4
Gorgeous leggings, slight problems with sizing I absolutely loved these leggings when I saw them online and ordered them immediately, and I'm so glad i did they're so versatile. Pair them with flats and boots for a dressy casual look, or toss on a pair of heels and you're ready for a party. The lace does not snag when wearing the leggins or when washing (which is always an issue) and it is a loverly subtly pattern. My only issue with these, which earned the 4 star, is the slight issue with size. I'm usually between a 2 and 4 in Express leggings and pants, so I got both to try and see which would be best. The size 4 was loose around the waist, while the size 2 was way too short (truthfully even the 4 felt a little shorter than what Im used to with leggings). I'm just under 5'6 and 125lbs, I chose to keep the size 4 b/c the length of the 2 was just not working, but whenever I wear these I'm always slightly uncomfortable with loose waist. Other than the size issue, these are a rly great buy, but I would suggest trying on multiple sizes to choose your best option. They have a blue version as well which I'm considering, but I'm rly hoping they come out with a wider range of color options (rly hoping for a berry or purple color). November 15, 2014
Absolutely beautiful! I tried these on thinking there was no way they would look good on me and was surprised to see that they looked fantastic! I'm 5'5", 140lbs and my usually sz8 fit perfectly. They are higher waisted and have a side zip so they fit like a glove with no bulges or noticeable seems. They are definitely leggings in the sense of how stretchy and slimming they are but they are "bulky" enough that they hide all flaws. The only thing I would worry about is that they are a delicate lace (which makes them so pretty) but they will snag on everything. I would say if you have the disposable income to buy a pricey legging and not worry too much about snagging them, go for it! September 15, 2014
Lovely Lace Leggins These leggings are amazing. I love lace so I took a chance and ordered sizes 2 and 4 and when they arrived I was surprised that both pairs fit so well. They are fairly thick, the lining is substantial and they are so comfortable. Even though it has a side-zippered waist, the leggings have stretch so they conform to your body perfectly. The quality is outstanding and I got them on sale with a coupon too so I decided I'm keeping both sizes. I'm 5'4"/127 and I fall between a 2 and a 4 at Express so these run true to size. If you are in-between sizes you could easily size down. otherwise stick to your regular size or order both like I did and see which fit you prefer. Not loving that they are a hand wash item but with the delicate lace I can see how machine washing could be hazardous. I would advise hand washing them inside out and to be careful with rings/bracelets not to snag/ruin the lace. I loved these so much I ordered the blue lace leggings as well. If you are on the fence, don't hesitate. These are great for work or a night out, they are classy and fabulous! Love!!! September 15, 2014
Comfortable and classy I tried these on in the store and instantly fell in love. I paired it with a peplum top and heels and it looked amazing. It hugs my curves in the right places and really made my butt look nice :) my boyfriend told me to get more bc he loved them on me! August 28, 2014
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