HONOR FOR MEN 4.5 5 91 91
Great fragrance Nice, clean, light and masculine scent not to over powering. August 28, 2012
Great Buy great fragrance and get many compliments! A must have. February 10, 2013
I bought this for my boyfriend and he smells amazing> This cologne really does it!! January 31, 2013
Awesomeee Honor smells bangin, i suggest you go to the store and see which one you like best first though. bring a chick to get a second opinion. 3.4oz is worth it , loyalty is real nice but i just liked the smell of honor the best. i dont like reserve. this stuff is long lasting!! first time i put it on my wrist in a mall midday, i smelt it the next morning!! wasnt just me , others said the same too. recommend, great buy for the price compared to competitors. express is an excellant brand. only think that would be cool is if it had some natural ingredients. January 30, 2013
Express is one of the brand which I start wearing and I am loving it January 29, 2013