Comfortable, but little traction (+)The shoe is very comfortable, and express shoes in general are good for my foot shape and arc. I was surprised, since it's 3 inches and there is basically no platform, but its very very comfortable. (-)However, the quality of this shoe isn't that great. The lace quality isnt that good, and the bottom looks like its made of plastic, not leather. I would either wait for this to go on sale, or other lookalikes to go on sale. (-)In addition, the traction on this shoe is terrible. I was in a restaurant with hardwood floors and almost slipped twice. Not fun. October 30, 2013
Good Style I think for the price, they are fine. My $200+ dollar boots bought elsewhere are much better quality. Express is great at keeping style affordable! Thanks! Love these shoes! October 29, 2013
CUTE but not comfortable I do have picky feet because I've had bunion surgery BUT there seems to be something hard on the top of the left shoe that is hurting my foot so bad I've already taken my shoe off at work once and hid my foot under my desk! CUTE shoes I just wish there was more padding on the footbed and whatever that hard spot is I wish it wasn't there. The right one doesn't have it. For the price I'm dissapointed but I already wore them so I'm stuck. September 18, 2013
Comfy shoes Cute and super comfy shoes, looks great with jeans, dress pants and leggings. I wish they would have had a 9 1/2 but it was fine. September 9, 2013
Great Casual Boot for fall Comfy and cute. Looks great with jeans, leggings and skirts. September 7, 2013