EXPRESS GLAM 4.9 5 19 19
Perfume for all-occasions I LOVE this stuff! Seriously, i get more compliments for wearing this perfume (on a regular basis) than i have for anything, ever. On that note, a few weeks ago I had a woman hunt me down, two aisles over, while shopping in a Trader Joe's store. She couldn't believe it wasn't a super-expensive, designer label fragrance. A gem, for sure! September 15, 2014
Icing on the Cake, literally.... I absolutely love this perfume. Yes it is copying the sweet, gourmand trend of fragrances on the market today but I like it more than half of the other perfumes that are of the same gourmand vein. I was actually hesitant to buy this after my stepmom had given me a bunch of free samples of this with some clothes for christmas last year. I really liked the samples and everything, but had so many designer perfumes already and was thinking, "How good can Express perfume really be?" So just last week I was in your store again and remembered I loved GLAM and so I went and spritzed myself because the perfume I was wearing was already worn off. I kept smelling myself all the way home and could not stop thinking about GLAM! The great thing about this scent is the gourmand fluffy lightness it has and the way it envelops you in a cloud of white vanilla musk that is a hint floral but the chocolate and black currant really stand out beautifully. It is super comforting and the sweet musk stays clean while projecting beautifully in the heat, but would do well in other seasons too. It is super delicious and addictive. Don't discontinue. August 6, 2014
Sexy The smell is priceless. Can't live without it The sense is so lovely u won't pass by unnoticed August 4, 2014
Smells great! It really lasts long! I get so many complements when I wear it June 16, 2014
Smells nice This perfume smells fresh and sexy. Personally, I like the Express Love perfume better, but this isn't bad. Express Love is more for daytime while this is more for night time, although you can wear them anytime you want. Makes a great gift. May 21, 2014