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Loungewear from Express helps you stay comfy and cozy all season long. From classic tanks and camis, to oversized sweatshirts and comfy socks, you need some comfortable classics to get you through a tough week. Whether you need a casual outfit to wear to the airport or you're planning on staying inside with your sweats on all day, keep your style on point with amazing women's cozy essentials at Express.

Can loungewear be worn outside?

If done right! You don't want it to look like you just rolled out of bed and are wearing your pajamas at the grocery store, but there's also no need to pull out heels to run a few errands. If joggers or leggings aren't your thing, keep it casual with sneakers, a supersoft pencil skirt and an oversized jacket to keep it cool but comfy.

What to wear on an airplane?

Layers, layers, layers! From taking your shoes, jacket, and belt off at security to the unpredictable temperature on the plane, planning ahead for your next trip is a must. First, start with slip on shoes and make sure you wear socks so you don't have to walk on the floor barefoot in security. Then keep it comfortable on the bottom with a pair of leggings and layer up top. Keep it simple with a tank top or cami and add a sweater or moto jacket for your extra A/C protecting layer.