Women's MVMNT Suit Collection

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MVMNT Collection - Easy Care, Stretch Suits for Women

The MVMNT Suit Collection is designed for women on the go. Wear the pieces together as a skirt suit or pant suit, or mix and match for a business casual look.

What is MVMNT?
MVMNT is a suit collection that focuses on functionality and comfort, without compromising on style. The MVMNT collection houses blazers, dress pants, and pencil skirts. With these key pieces for office hours and beyond, you'll never have to dread dressing for work again.

How to keep clothes from wrinkling?
Check out our favorite ways to stay wrinkle-free throughout your workday.

1. Avoid the problem all together and purchase a suit that's easy to care for, like our blazers, skirts, and dress pants from the MVMNT Suit Collection.
2. Dampen your clothing with a spray bottle or wet cloth, and remove wrinkles with a hair dryer.
3. Try a wrinkle release spray before you get dressed!
4. Pull garments straight before you sit down.
5. Check out our video How to Avoid Wrinkled Clothing at Work on YouTube.