Women's Classic Blazers

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Classic Blazers for Women

There’s just something about a good classic style, a timeless look that is appealing no matter what day it is. Express has a variety of womens traditional blazers that keep the classics alive. When it comes to professional looks, there are certain staples that every woman has to have in her closet. A good quality blazer that will accompany you on job interviews, and then to the office daily, is a must-have. For a truly professional look, you can’t go wrong with our womens classic blazers. They add that final touch to a work outfit that shows everyone what you’re made of. Available in a variety of colors, classic blazers for women don’t have to be in the same neutral colors. Add a splash of brightness to your work wardrobe and ensure that you’ll stand out in your building with our bright options. Pair with one of our effortless Portofino shirts or a classic cami. Either look is polished and perfect for your 9-5. Add a good pencil skirt or a pair of our Editor pants to complete the look, and you are ready to demolish that glass ceiling and look great doing it.