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False Eyelashes for Women

Getting thick, beautiful lashes can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. Thankfully, Express has inexpensive fake eyelashes that give you a full, natural look that won't weigh your eyes down. False eyelashes can help make your eyes look bigger and brighten up your entire ensemble. The best part is they're super easy to use, affordable and look great on everyone. Shop now for your best lashes yet.

Which fake eyelashes are the best?
To be the best in anything, you need experience - that's why LASHES IN A BOX takes the gold for false eyelashes. It was founded by former model Jayne Chen who used false lashes for 10 years before creating her own favorite fake eyelashes. She designed different styles and thicknesses to fit everyone, and did it with cruelty-free, vegan products. LASHES IN A BOX are easy to apply, last for up to 4 uses and look great on anyone. For the price, quality and end-look, there's no better false eyelashes out there.

How long can you wear false eyelashes?
The way you take care of your fake eyelashes determines how long they will last. Make sure you apply them correctly, and remove them delicately with tweezers, picking off any excess glue. Place them back in the original package the way they arrived to maintain the original shape. If you follow those directions, and don't sleep in them, EYELASHES IN A BOX can last for 4 uses - sometimes more, sometimes less. For sanitary reasons, we don't recommend wearing them after that.

How to apply fake eyelashes?
To apply false eyelashes that will stay on all night, follow these instructions:
1. Use tweezers to slowly remove lashes from the base on the outer end
2. Take the eyelash strip and hold it up to your lash line, measuring where your eyelashes start and end
3. Using scissors, cut the stripe to be a tiny bit shorter than your natural lash line length
4. With the applicator or back/opposite end of your tweezers, lightly spread eyelash adhesive across the base of your fake lashes, then wait a few seconds for the adhesive to thicken
5. With your eye lightly shut, place the fake eyelashes where the bulk of your lashes start and across your natural last line, pressing down to secure them