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LAPCOS Face Masks for Women

Skin care is part of self-care, and here at Express, we're all about taking the time to feel our best. Breakouts, dry skin and redness can make for extra stress in our lives, and while sometimes unavoidable, many times it comes down to a lack of time spent on ourselves. Lucky for you, we have all you need to boost your hydration for radiant skin and a confident you. Companies like LAPCOS create innovative masks with cutting edge technology and vitamins that give your skin the natural, healthy glow it deserves. Shop for the best face masks and other great skincare at Express.

What does a face mask do for your skin?
In general, face masks do wonders for your skin. They rehydrate and reestablish that healthy glow and complexion you want. More specifically, face masks target certain issues or areas that you get to choose yourself. From firming and relief to general nutrition and moisture, there's a face mask created to care for your individual challenges. Some are targeted to a morning routine for all-day moisture, while others are great post-workout and before going to bed. Face masks address tons of different conditions and work for almost all skin types. Checkout the best face masks for your skin at Express.