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Changing seasons means refreshing your wardrobe. But what about your bags? Don't forget to give them some love too. Go for a new crossbody, satchel or work tote. Whether your favorite looks include neutral colors or bold designs, Express has what you need thanks to Jules Kae. Created in 2016, Jules Kae is a contemporary brand offering all the handbags you want for trendy, yet sophisticated style. You'll find tons of timeless pieces made from quality material that you can show off for seasons to come. Shop the best new purses this year at Express.

How are crossbody bags worn?
There are few ways to wear crossbody bags - which is one of the best things about them. Depending on the type, some can even convert into clutches if there's a removable strap. What's most important is finding one that feels comfortable and goes with your wardrobe. Two of our other favorite ways to wear them are draped over one shoulder and worn across the body. Either way works at any time, it just depends on what feels best for you. If you're traveling, dancing or generally can't keep track of your stuff, it's best to wear it across your body. That way it's harder to lose and easier to access. There are tons of different types of crossbodies. Do you want a chain strap or a leather one? Do you need a ton of space or just enough for cards and IDs? Whatever you choose, Express has the best crossbodies for you.