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Women's Foxybae Hair Products & Styling Tools

Feel like you’re having a bad hair day every day? We can help with that. Whether you’re styling those soon to be luscious locks for a special occasion, looking for the best curling irons out there or want something to use on-the-go, Express has the hair care you need for a healthy glow. Great hair days that happen every day are in your near future.

How do I keep my hair looking good all day?
First things first, great hair needs great products. From quality shampoo and conditioner, to special products like heat protectant and leave-in conditioner, Express sells everything you need to keep your hair looking its absolute best, thanks to Foxybae. A west coast brand that's all about empowering women, Foxybae believes we all hold the power to create and become the best versions of our unique selves. They create everything you need for great hair that lasts, including curling irons, hair care and portable flat irons. Because sometimes we all need a last minute touch up at the office or in the venue bathroom. Foxybae products will help fix your damaged hair and keep it flawlessly styled, even on your longest days. Shop for the best product, curling irons and flat irons from Foxybae right here at Express.