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Shoe Inserts & Cushions by Foot Petals

Shop shoe inserts, pads, cushions, and other orthotics for your favorite shoes with Foot Petals. Every woman knows high heels aren't the most comfortable, so stay comfortable all day long with Foot Petals.

How to survive in heels all day?
From all day at the office, to a night dancing in heels, try shoe inserts, pads, or cushions to help you stay comfortable. We've all had a pair of flats that rub the wrong way or aches on the balls of our feet from high heels, so Foot Petals has created answer to our hurting feet. Try Tip Toes to absorb pressure on the balls of your feet. Heel Helpers give the back of your heel the extra cushion to prevent slipping out of the shoes and blisters. Need another solution? Try their cushions with arch support or all-over comfort.