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Women's Nipcos from Bra in a Box

Bought the perfect strappy top or dress, but not sure what bra to wear with it? Finding a strapless bra that doesn't fall down or hiding your straps can be a pain. Trust us, we get it. One alternative to a strapless or traditional bra is pasties or sticky-boobs. But bring on those hot, sweaty days and those bad boys don't stick for long. Thankfully, Express sells Nipcos from Bra in a Box. They're the perfect alternative to your bra and pastie frustrations, providing a modern day fix for those who want to go braless.

What is the best self adhesive bra?
Need a bra that stays on and fits any cup size? Nipcos from Bra in a Box is the best self adhesive bra alternative on the market. Perfect for wearing with spaghetti strap tops, cut-out dresses and semi-sheer fabric, these nipple covers prevent crease lines and any straps from showing. But, best of all... they stick. You can wear Nipcos at least 30 times before needing to replace them, especially when you follow care directions and keep them in their adorable little box. It's the perfect size for discreetly storing it in your desk drawer or conveniently throwing them in your purse. Nipcos nipple covers come in two tones with a natural appearance and have a thin layer of silicone adhesive that sticks to your skin all day long. Going swimming? No worries, Nipcos are waterproof. It's the end of the ""I don't know what bra to wear with this"" era and we couldn't be more excited about it. Buy Nipcos from Bra in a Box at Express.