Women's Wide Leg Jeans

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Wide Leg Jeans for Women

Looking for a pair a bit looser in the leg? Try a pair of wide-leg jeans that are great for casual wear, and can be worn so many different ways. Pair a fitted crop top with white wide leg pants or a bodysuit with cropped wide leg jeans to bring the attention to the shape of your new jeans.

What are wide leg jeans?
Wide leg jeans fit a bit looser from your hips to your toes, whereas flares hug you tighter in the waist and thighs, letting out below your knees. With wide jeans, they hang away from your skin all the way down, with variations from subtle to extreme.

How to wear wide leg jeans? Start by finding an amazing pair of jeans that is loose throughout the entire leg. Show off the shape of these pants by keeping it tighter up top with a fitted, not oversized, top. Finally, elongate your legs by adding a heel to polish off the look!