Women's Skyscraper Jeans

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Skyscraper Jeans for Women

Looking for effortlessly sexy style in denim? Our women's Skyscraper Jeans are just what you need for a crisp, clean casual ensemble.

What are women’s Skyscraper Jeans?
Long and lean just like its name, the Skyscraper cut is our leggiest denim look with a hint of flare at the ankle that’s perfect for heels. With a wide enough to slide over booties and slim enough to suggest a clean line from hip to heel, our sexy skyscraper jean for women makes your legs look irresistibly long.

Are women’s Skyscraper Jeans smart casual?
Women's Skyscraper Jeans are a perfect way to add sophistication to your casual-chic ensembles. With a fit that flatters your frame and makes your legs look incredibly long, skyscraper jeans are irresistible paired with your favorite casual tops. Try women's skyscraper denim with the City Shirt by Express, our Portofino shirt or an off-the-shoulder blouse for a casual outfit that turns heads.