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Editor Pants

There’s something to be said for the top seller. Generally, it means that it’s the solution to a problem for a lot of people, and it’s the best of the best. Our Editor pants surely fit that bill with their straight fit through the hip and thighs. They’re effortlessly slimming, while also being stylish. Finding work outfits can sometimes be so frustrating, because the pants just never fit quite right in certain areas, at least until now. Offering women a flawless fit with its sleek cut, it’s hard to find something better. Express Editor pants are available in a variety of cuts and fabrics. Fabrics include double weave, twill, refined denim, and more. Depending on what style suits you best, we have a variety of cuts that are offered in our collection. Shop flare, barely boot, slim flare, ankle, slim leg, wide waistband, and more. Each cut offers the flawless style that you’ve come to love about the Editor pants. In addition to finding different styles, find a variety of colors and prints that will make you stand out in the office. Shop your basics, black, white, gray, navy, and then mix it up with some pops of color including burgundy, green, and bright blue. Build your wardrobe with our Editor collection, and some of our classically sexy Portofino shirts. For an even more polished look, add a matching blazer for women, then hit publish. We promise that look is a bestseller.