Women's Fine Jewelry

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Fine Jewelry for Women

Whether you’re looking for that one elegant and simple piece of jewelry to go with any outfit or a few statement pieces to layer together for a trendy look, check out Fine Jewelry at Express.

What is fine jewelry?

Fine Jewelry at Express is made of 14k plated sterling silver pieces which are perfect for layering and stacking. With these high-quality accessories, you’re look is sure to scream high fashion. Check out express.com for these online only exclusive pieces.

How to layer necklaces?

  1. 1) Start by picking 3 necklaces that complement each other.
  2. 2) Make sure one of your necklaces stands out. Mix metals, colors or shapes for an added twist.
  3. 3) Think about what you’re wearing. V-neck tee or turtleneck sweater? Make sure the cut of your top complements your jewelry.
  4. 4) Layer necklaces and adjust for each necklace to fall at a slightly different length on your neck.
  5. 5) Love the layering look? Check out even more rings and bracelets at Express or on express.com.