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Backpacks for Women

Express offers Women’s Backpacks to make it easier for you to look great and carry everything you need! These backpacks are fun to travel with, no matter where you’re going. Our backpacks are cute, well-constructed, and trendy, so you can consider them as an accessory for your every-day outfit!

How to style a leather backpack?
Fashion backpacks are the new ""it"" accessory and everyone needs one! Who would turn down an opportunity to have fashion and function meet? Our faux leather backpacks can be worn for every occasion. Switch out that heavy work tote with a leather backpack and put on a pair of our black Columnist Pants and a white Portofino Shirt for a look that is utterly classic. Traveling for the day? Toss on a Denim Boyfriend Shirt and Black Distressed Jeans with the Mini O-ring Backpack to flip the tourist glances and sightseeing to your style for the day.