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Womens Belts

Sometimes an outfit just lacks “it.” What is “it?” It’s the one accessory that pulls the whole look together. More often than not, it’s a belt. Perfect for putting with a cute dress, topping off your shorts and tank, or the final piece to your business suit; belts are the perfect accessory to stock up on. Most outfits can quickly and easily be pushed up to the next level by adding a belt. Express offers different kinds of women’s belts, including 2-in-1 reversible, skinny, woven, and Chevron, just to name a few. Whatever your style, we have the perfect women’s belt for you, whether you’re a boho chick or more of a western girl, we have it all.

What are the top accessory trends of 2019?

Sparkly + belts = GLAM! Winter 2019 accessory trends can dress up any outfit, and this holiday we're loving sparkly belts. Elevate your jumpsuit look for the office party, Christmas dinner, or New Year's Eve and help cinch your holiday dresses with show-stopping shine. If you're looking for the hottest trend in accessories right now, do a little self giving and order a Skinny Gem belt from Express today.