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Beach Wedding Trends for Men

When you’re at a beach wedding, you want to make sure you look your best amidst the sun, sand, and waves. Men’s beach wedding trends consist of light colors, pastel dress shirts and suits, ties, and dress shoes. Our collection will give you the perfect beachy vibes and overall relaxed look.

What are men’s beach wedding trends?
Men’s beach wedding trends include pastels, formal attire, and even fun socks. A beach wedding is not a traditional wedding, so you’re outfit will look a little different, more tropical-appropriate and beachy. To stand out in the sand, try the Extra Slim Light Blue Stretch Linen-Wool Suit Jacket with a Classic Easy Care 1MX Shirt.

How to dress for a beach wedding?
Your outfit’s color palette will most likely be a few shades lighter than normal, so don’t be afraid of the pastels and light colors. A pastel tie, dress shirt, or suit is bold but appropriate, keeping in mind the wedding’s theme. Try an Extra Slim Pink Stripe Cotton Blend Textured Suit Jacket with a Solid Standard Silk Tie so a fun, formal, and beach-ready look.