Men's Express + NBA Fashion Trends

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Express + NBA Fashion Trends for Men

Need a game-changing look? Check out our men’s Express + NBA Fashion Trends. If you’re a basketball fan or just interested in the latest fashion trends, you’ll want to check out the looks these NBA players are sporting. Draw inspiration from the hottest professional basketball players, so you can effortlessly style colorful blazers, denim jackets, and button-down shirts like a champion.

What are men’s Express + NBA fashion trends?
Men’s Express + NBA fashion trends is the page to visit whether you're a fan of sports, fashion or both. Our NBA collection is the destination for the hottest looks your favorite NBA players are wearing off the court. Check out how to style our Black Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket or get ideas about how to wear our on-trend Slim Red Stretch Blazer. It's easy to be a styling MVP with picks from our Express + NBA fashion trends page.