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Men's Thermal Shirts, Tights, Underwear & More

Cooler seasons call for warmer layers, especially the type that aren't too bulky and allow you to move. Thermal-regulating clothing is a must-have for any guy trying to stay dry and comfortable this season. Buy the best thermal shirts and underwear for men right here at Express.

What is a thermal shirt?
Thermal shirts are temperature-regulating garments that come in soft, waffle-like fabric. Designed with technology that keeps moisture away from your body for maximum warmth, they're a staple style for any man. Not only do they keep you comfortable in low temperatures, the cut and fit is stylish enough to wear alone. Thermal shirts are usually created with acrylic and polyester blends that have moisture-wicking properties. Headed to a Friday night football game? Layer up with thermal shirts and a coat from Express. Freezing temperatures don't stand a chance with these temperature-regulating items.

How does thermal underwear work?
Thermal underwear works as a temperature-controlling garment. Think of it as a heat trap against your body that allows you to stay warm, with moisture-wicking properties that also keep you dry. Stretch-infused and soft to the touch, thermal underwear works with your body heat to keep you comfortable, despite the cold and rainy conditions.

How to wear a thermal shirt for men?
Wondering how to layer up for freezing temperatures? Thermal clothing is your answer. Start with thermal leggings and thick socks. These will keep your legs warm with plenty of stretch for you to move freely. Add jeans or sweatpants over the leggings. For your top half, start with a long sleeve thermal shirt. The soft waffle fabric is a comfortable base layer you'll be glad you wore. Depending on the temperature, you can add a hoodie over top, plus a coat. Or, stick with a thicker jacket. Don't forget a hat and gloves. The best part of thermal clothing is the regulating technology that keeps you dry if you're sweating and warm when it's a bitter cold. Get the best thermal shirts and underwear from Express.