Men's Boxer Briefs

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Boxer Briefs for Men

If you’re looking for style and comfort, you’ll love Express’s men’s boxer briefs. Available is a ton of colors and patterns, these boxer briefs are made with super soft, moisture-wicking fabric with a 4-way stretch. For a longer style, try our men’s extended boxer briefs, which fall lower on the leg. You have all-day comfort with our collection of men’s underwear.

How to fold men’s boxer briefs?
Start by laying your pair of men’s boxer briefs flat on the table, then fold in each side vertically about 2 inches in. Then, fold the right leg into the center, and the left leg over that right side. Next, fold the elastic waistband down roughly 2 inches. Following this, horizontally fold up the bottom up; be sure to tuck the top 2 inches into the waistband, this will create a square fold. Now, your Supersoft Boxer Briefs are tightly folded for storing.