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Men's V Neck Stretch Shirts

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V-Neck Stretch Shirts for Men

Looking for a versatile shirt that's incredibly comfortable? Meet your new favorite shirt. Men's v-neck stretch shirts at Express are a twist on a classic thanks to buttery soft, moisture-wicking fabric that has just enough stretch to keep up with your fast-paced life.

What are men’s V-Neck stretch shirts?
Your favorite casual tee gets an unbelievably soft and stretchy update. Men's v-neck stretch shirts at Express are an essential in your everyday wardrobe. The v-neck looks classically handsome for a shirt that pairs with all your favorite bottoms. Supersoft flex stretch fabric moves with you for an extremely comfortable fit, while moisture-wicking properties keep you cool all day long.

How to fold men’s V-Neck stretch shirts?
Keep your drawers and suitcases organized by neatly folding your men's v-neck stretch shirts. Start by holding the tee by the shoulders so that it is facing you. Hold both shoulders between your thumb and forefinger. Fold back the sleeves, then place the shirt down on a flat surface. Lastly, fold the shirt in half so that the collar touches the hem. Now you've got a clean, crisp, folded stretch v-neck shirt from Express.