Men's Suit Pocket Squares

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Suit Pocket Squares for Men

Classy and stylish, our men’s suit pocket squares are the perfect finishing touch to any suit. Pocket squares great for formal events, including weddings and dinner parties. These pocket squares come in a variety of colors and patterns, from polka dot to floral, so you can find ones that best showcase your personality. Show your sophisticated style by color coordinating your pocket square and tie, so they match or complement each other.

How to fold pocket squares?
For the classic square fold, first lay the men’s suit pocket square flat and fold in half. Second, fold one of the sides up to meet the top edge. Next, tuck it into your men’s suit breast pocket so roughly ¼ of an inch is peeking out. If you don’t like folding, check out our hassle-free Pre-Folded Dot Pocket Square.

Where to buy men’s suit pocket squares?
You can buy men’s suit pocket squares at Express in stores or online. We offer a wide selection of colors and styles, and you can choose from regular and pre-folded pocket squares. Whether you want a fun pattern, like the Floral Pocket Square, or a solid color, you’ll find your perfect fit here.