Men's Performance Wrinkle Resistant Suits

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Wrinkle-Resistant Suits for Men

Performance clothing at Express has tons of features like stretch technology, moisture wicking fabric, fade resistant colors, and wrinkle free attributes. Need a suit for your busy lifestyle? Don't get it dry-cleaned after every wear, keep it looking fresh with this wrinkle-resistant technology.

Take on the day with confidence in these sleek performance suits that feature the perfect amount of stretch, wrinkle-resistant fabric and an expertly tailored fit.

How to pack a suit?

You'll want to roll your suit pants and suit jacket to maximize the space you have left in your bag. Check out our how to pack a suit video for the step-by-step directions to get it to fit into your small carry-on bag. Don't have enough room in your bag? Wear your suit on the plane, just make sure it's made of wrinkle-resistant fabric like our Slim Stretch Wrinkle-resistant dress pants.