Slim Short Sleeve Shirt; Slim through chest & shoulders; slim waist
Classic Classic Short Sleeve Shirt; Broader through chest & shoulders; Relaxed sleeve; Roomier Waist

Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

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Short Sleeve Shirts for Men

Take casual style to the next level with our Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts. Their breathable and lightweight fabric is comfortable, and the short sleeves keep you cool. With styles ranging from plaid shirts to chambray shirts, these short sleeve tops are a staple in men’s fashion.

When to wear Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts?
These Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts can be worn for a variety of occasions and events! Whether it’s your neighborhood cookout, lunch with friends, or a date night, you’ll be ready to go in our short sleeve button down shirts. Add a playful twist on your outfit with our Classic Palm Tree Short Sleeve Shirt, or simply throw on a Classic Solid Short Sleeve Shirt!

How to fold Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts?
Here’s the technique for folding your Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts: start with buttoning up the top and laying it flat. Then, fold each sleeve to the middle horizontally, and make sure the cuffs cross over the middle. Next, fold the sleeves in again, bringing the side seams evenly in from hem to shoulder; they should meet under the shirt collar. Finally, fold the shirt in half so the bottom edge is below the bottom of the collar. Turn your top over, and you’re done! Our short sleeve tops, like our Slim Striped Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt and the Slim Micro Print Dress Shirt, are easy to fold so you can store them easily!