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Button Down Shirts, T Shirts, Henley's & More for Men

Looking for what to wear with your new pair of dress pants or jacket? Shop Express for closet staples in sizes XS to XXL online and select stores.

What should be in a man's wardrobe?
Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Start with the basics and add 5 essential shirts to your closet. See below for the 5 men's shirts every guy needs.

1. Dress Shirt - Toss those old baggy collared shirts, and try a Performance Dress shirt that's wrinkle resistant, has tons of stretch and moisture wicking.
2. Casual Shirt - From a flannel or a casual button down shirt, to a short sleeve button down, these are perfect to pair with jeans for an elevated casual look.
3. Henley - Grab a men's Henley shirt to be your go-to when you need something a little nicer than your t-shirts from college, but still want to feel comfortable.
4. Tee - Every guy needs a few tshirts to wear as undershirts or on their own. Get rid of the ones with stains and start fresh at Express.
5. Polo - Gone are the stiff fabrics of the past; sport a Performance Polo at work, at a bar, or the golf course like our favorite Solid Performance Polo.