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Linen Shirts for Men

Whether you prefer long sleeves or a rolled sleeve, linen shirts are a great option to keep cool when the weather gets warm. If you want to stay dry and fresh in the hot summer months, these linen shirts are perfect for you. Try a white linen shirts for a summer barbecue or pair an unbuttoned linen shirt with a t-shirt underneath to show off your style.

Do linen shirts keep you cool?
Linen is great in the heat! The light weight fabric is breathable which keeps you cool in the summer. Wicking away sweat and moisture help you feel comfortable throughout the day. If you’re looking for new summer fabrics to freshen up your wardrobe, pick out a few men’s linen shirts from Express.

How to wear a linen shirt?
When it comes to the warmer summer months, linen is a must. For a casual look, keep your button down shirt unbuttoned, roll up those sleeves, and show off a fun graphic tee. Pair with loggers, jeans, or even shorts! Headed to work? Keep cool at the office with a men’s linen shirt and a great pair of Chinos.