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Dress Shirts, Casual Shirts & Flannel Shirts for Men

Looking for what to wear with your new pair of chinos or denim jacket? Check out the shirt shop for casual, flannel and dress shirts that make any outfit pop.  Start layering with a casual short sleeve or flannel over a graphic tee for the weekend or try a classic button down for work. Try all our fit options today.

How to fold dress shirts for travel?
Button up your Express shirt and lay flat, buttons facing down. Fold one sleeve horizontally across the shirt and then back again, then repeat with the other sleeve so both sleeves are nicely tucked away. Bring the bottom of the shirt to the top and then repeat if necessary. Now enjoy your trip!

How to wear a short sleeve shirt?
For a casual weekend look you can still look put together. Layer a short sleeve button up shirt on top of a plain tee with shorts or chinos. And don't be afraid to pick a bold print or pattern like floral and button it all the way up!