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Flannel Shirts for Men

When football season starts up again, it’s the beginning of cooler weather and transitioning from the t-shirts and shorts into jeans and long sleeves. At Express, we make this transition super easy by offering great men’s flannel shirts. Wear them on their own or over a t-shirt, and you have a comfortable look that will keep you warm all season long. Whether you are relaxing on the weekends, or out at a job site, our flannel shirts for men are great choices. They’re comfortable and relaxed, just like you. We offer a variety of prints to choose from including plaid and checks. These shirts are rugged and confident, exactly what you need to let your clients know they are in the best hands. If you’re relaxing at a bonfire after the game, you’ll stay warm all night long with one thrown over a t-shirt. It’s a laid-back look to fit your style. On those days that you need to look a little more professional at work, pair with some chinos and wear one of our men’s flannel shirts fully buttoned and tucked in. To complete the look, try a pair of our men’s boots.