Craighill; A New York design company creating objects for your work, your leisure and yourself.


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Craighill Accessories for Men

A sharp-dressed man has more to him than just a nice suit and tie - he has a sense of sleek sophistication in all aspects of life. Express has all you need to nail that persona with accessories, decor and home goods. Find what makes you feel ready to tackle any challenge.

What is Craighill?
A label we truly love, Craighill is a brand that creates unique objects that ignite a sense of wonder. From brass keyrings, money clips and steel cuffs to desk knives and wood trays, their products tell a story about creation and potential. The creators hope to enrich the lives of their customers and illuminate the magic of the world around us.

What are money clips used for?
You guessed it! Money clips are used to hold all those credits cards and hundred dollar bills you have. If you're not a wallet guy, this is the best option for keeping your money, IDs and cards in a safe, compact place. The best part of a money clip is the transparent design - you can easily see what you have, what you don't, and quickly slide out what you need. They're super practical, safe and easy to use. You can buy the best money clips right here at Express.