HYPER STRETCH JEANS; Highest level of stretch; Maximum comfort and style.

Men's Hyper Stretch Jeans

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Hyper Stretch Jeans for Men

If you’re looking for comfortable jeans, Express has you covered. With our Stretch, Stretch +, and new Hyper Stretch jeans, comfort is our number one priority. Available in many washes and fits like slim, skinny, and classic, there’s a style for you.

What are Hyper Stretch Jeans?

Hyper Stretch Jeans offer the highest level of stretch for maximum comfort. Even more stretchy than our Stretch and Stretch + jeans, these jeans are so comfortable because of their soft material. If you avoid jeans because they’re rigid, try a pair of Hyper Stretch Jeans and you’ll never look back. Pair with a Polo or Graphic tee for a look that’s in style and comfortable.