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Jeans for Men

Jeans are a man’s best friend. They’re comfortable, easy to throw on, and go with everything. If it’s a Casual Friday, add a button-down shirt and blazer, if it’s a weekend, go with a polo or t shirt. Express’s collection of men’s denim includes styles like skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, and ripped jeans, so you can have a pair for every occasion!

How to dress up men's jeans?
Men’s jeans can be business casual! They’re actually easier to dress up than you think! Try adding a sweater with our Slim Straight Dark Wash Destroyed Stretch Jeans, and you’ll have a the perfect outfit. When in doubt, avoid light wash and ripped jeans and pair with dress shoes and a button down shirt for a full-proof look. Want to wear them to work? Check out our guide on how to wear jeans to work!

How should men’s skinny jeans fit guys?
Men’s skinny jeans should not be too tight, as there should be stretch and you should be able to move comfortably in them. Skinny jeans fit your legs, and narrow in around the calves more than straight jeans. These jeans should go all the way to your ankles, and fit around the waist. Check out our Skinny 365 Comfort Stretch+ Jeans for a casual but body conscious fit, and maybe even add a Stretch Pique Polo for a complete look!

What does men’s bootcut jeans mean?
Men’s bootcut jeans are jeans that comfortably fit around the legs, and slightly widen below the knee. This classic cut of jeans is roomy and easy to wear, and they work for a variety of events. Try the Classic Boot Medium Wash Stretch Jeans for the ultimate bootcut jeans style!