Men's Solid Ties

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Solid Ties for Men

With so many shades and colors, it’ll be hard to choose just one of our Men’s Solid Ties! Fun to mix and match, these solid ties are dependable and ready for any outfit! Grab your suit for an easy business professional look, or lose the blazer and keep it business casual!

Are men’s solid ties business casual?
Yes! men’s solid ties can be business casual. Usually, business casual is either blazer, no tie, or tie, no blazer. So when planning your work outfit, we suggest wearing either or Solid Standard Silk Tie, or our Slim Gray Double Knit Blazer.

Which men’s solid ties are in fashion?
Popular colors for men’s solid Ties include deep blues, light pinks, light greens, and grays. So be sure to check out our Solid Narrow Silk Tie, Chambray Narrow Cotton Tie, and the Textured Solid Narrow Tie. Narrow ties are trendy, so we also suggest our Tall Narrow Silk Tie!

Which men’s solid ties go with striped shirts?
Mixing patterns and basics is a classic look, but make sure your Men’s Solid Tie’s color doesn’t drastically contrast the striped shirt. The colors should be complimentary, so try pairing a light blue striped shirt with a pink Tall Narrow Silk Tie, or a gray striped shirt with a light blue Solid Narrow Silk Tie!