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Men's Ties & Bow Ties

Men's ties add a touch of dapper to your wardrobe with a wide selection of narrow, slim, skinny and standard width. Or spice it up with a silk or cotton bow tie. Want to go one step further? Try a tie bar or a floral pocket square. If you're getting dressed for work or a wedding, our men's accessories complete any suit.

How to tie a tie?
Start by placing the tie around your neck with the back facing up. You'll want the wide end of the tie on your right and slightly longer at your belly button, with the thin side on your left and higher up. Once uneven, take the wide end under the small end to the left, then pull it across the top to the right. Bring it up the neck loop from underneath and then down through the loop you just created across. Finish up by pulling down on the wide end to tighten and slide the knot up to perfection!